Javascript custom rules with ESLint

Based on different posts here, I get that we need to write custom rules on Eslint, analyze it and import the analyzed reports to SonarQube via external issues. If so, is there any way where we can write custom rules in SonarQube and analyze it in SonarQube instead of using third party analyzers?

Since this is my first post here, can you confirm :

  • this is the right place to ask questions ?
  • is my post visible for sonarsource maintainers ?
  • if both are true, is there something else you need ?
    For example I forgot to mention I am using Community edition version 7.9.2 and javascript is currently and I’d like to know if I can safely upgrade to newer plugin because I read “Since SonarJS 6.0, custom rules are DEPRECATED.”

If other forum or email for support is required , please point me there


While I fully understand that this is a free forum and likely based on best effort,I am curious to know why nobody ever reply to my post. Don’t get me wrong : I am not blaming anyone, I just want to understand the best approach to get answered :

  • was my question not clear enough ?
  • was it a stupid question and nobody dares telling me ?
  • was it a very clever question but no one really has a definitive answer ?
  • everything is fine but I would need to be more patient ? [1]
    Responseless posts are in my opinion the worst you can do, and even replies telling me how wrong I am in my question would help me.
    [1] many questions posted later than mine were addressed , meaning my specific post does not “shine” enough and I just want to understand why


Welcome to the community!

FYI, I’ve just moved your post to the Plugin Development/Writing rules category.

You’ve asked why you weren’t getting a response. I’ll throw out a few facts in reply:

  • The ratio of askers to answerers in the community is very, very high
  • Among the answerers, a few are generous, public-spirited SonarQube users. The rest are SonarSourcers. We all have “day jobs” (to be fair, I’m sure every answerer has a day job). :slight_smile: (I.e. it’s no SonarSourcer’s primary responsibility to respond to the community) .
  • For your particular type of question, the subset of people who can actually help is pretty small.
  • The folks with expertise in building rules - i.e. the ones who deal with specific language questions - prioritize bug and false positive questions (Note not to you JPK but to posterity: Do NOT mis-categorize your question for attention. No one will be amused.)
  • There is a large volume of language-specific questions

As I said at the beginning, I’ve recategorized your question, so that may help. And you tagged it with the language in question from the start, so that’s good. Another thing that will be beneficial is to make sure your thread title is as communicative as possible while still being short enough to read quickly.


Hello Ann,

Thanks for your warm welcome and for correcting my wrong categorization and advice for better titles

Among the answerers, a few are generous, public-spirited SonarQube users

we are very new to the sonar but wishing to belong to the answerers list some day in future :slight_smile:

I’ve recategorized your question, so that may help

Yes that should help, many thanks

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BTW, I meant to mention that you should have edit on your post titles. :wink: