Adding Javascript custom rules

Hello SonaQube Community,
I need to add javascipt costum rules in SonarQube, but this option is deprecated, the eslint solution and third party rules seems complicated, what do you suggest for me please ?
is it always possible to add javascript custom rules to SonaQube 8.4 ?


All the JS/TS rules provided by SonarSource are about to be based on ESLint (the migration process from Java to pure JS rules is ongoing and 60+ are pending to be migrated). Once that will be done, we will certainly drop the Java API to write custom rules, so the investment you will do today will be lost.
That’s why the way to go today when talking about custom rules for JS/TS is to look at extending ESLint.

That said, I can understand it’s an effort and maybe the best option would be to suggest the rules you want to develop into the New Rules section of this forum. If these rules make sense for the majority of the JS developers we could add them to SonarSource’s backlog.