Support for build variants

Hey folks, :wave:

We’ve recently set up SonarQube Enterprise and want to analyze some projects (mainly libraries) with it which are being built in multiple variants, for example for different operating systems and hardware architectures, or for different versions of the target runtime.

Right now we can only run the analysis on a single variant per project per commit/PR since SonarQube doesn’t seem to support build variants (i. e. running multiple analysis linked to a single PR and commit).

I’ve found some topics about this via the search function:

Are there any plans to support build variants in the future?
Maybe the custom sonar.analysis.[yourKey] parameters could be used for this?

Hi @joschi ,
I don’t think we have this on our roadmap for now.
I will register your insight anyway :wink:
Kind regards,
Christophe - DevOps platforms PM