SonarQube 10.1 C/CPP variants support

We just upgraded our SonarQube server to version 10.1 and tested C/CPP variant feature.

The only drawback I noticed is that it requires to build several configurations and then run analysis and to do that everything must be done on a single PC. In our case, we are using AzureDevops server with multiple build agents. To speed up build process I configured multiple configuration parallelism, so configurations are compiled on different build agents. It would be great if I can keep this system and simply tell Sonar that I am analyzing this Project and this Configuration/Variant.

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Hi Mitja

Thanks for sharing this. The Product Manager who deals with this area is on holiday this week. I’ll make sure he sees it when he returns.

Thanks again


Hi Tom,

Thank you. If my idea is not very clear I can write more detailed description.


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Hi @Legenda

Thank you for reaching out.
We are aware that the “single host” limitation can be inconvenient for some users.
The current implementation was intended to deliver value with reduced complexity.

It seems you are in a situation where a “multiple hosts” version would help.
It’s also been under consideration from the beginning, and you can vote for it there.
You will be notified about any progress on the matter.

I hope it helps.