Build matrix support (multiple build variants)

Hi, I’m running a Github java project using mvn sonar:sonar on Travis CI and AppVeyor: I’m using a travis build matrix to build on linux/macos and AppVeyor for windows. Additionally, I’m building for java8 and java11. Additionally, i’m testing the branch commit and the merge of the branch commit in master.

This results in 12 builds ( 3 ( linux/windows/macos ) * 2 ( java8/java11 ) * 2 ( branch/merged )).

What is the recommended approach to analyze this kind of project ? Run mvn sonar:sonar only once ? Run it everywhere ? Is it possible to merge the coverage reports (so that platform specific code that is tested in each variant is correctly reported) ?


Hi @jonenst,

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We do not support coverage reports and we recommend that you choose one axis of your matrix (1 platform and 1 java version) to run your code analysis.
Concerning the branch/merged, it corresponds to branch analysis and PR analysis on SonarCloud so you will have both.

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