Coverage push to SonarQube Dashboard


I am not sure how to push different coverages (Unit Tests, Integration Tests , ReadyAPI test coverage) on SonarQube Dashboard for a single project
Each time I publish one coverage it overrides the last coverage
Can someone please look & tell me the solution


Welcome to the community!

Analyses are not additive. Each subsequent analysis replaces the one before it. To have multiple reports (of any type) processed and shown together you must include / pass them all in the same analysis.

Make sense?


Hey, Thanks Ann

Can I get an example command to push multiple reports for same service together, it would be really helpful


Hi Megha,

Read the parameter descriptions (here, here, and here). They’ll tell you which ones accept multiple, comma-delimited paths.


Thanks Ann,
I more question
I ran API test cases against a service and it doesnot get published on to sonar
It is giving me error like

The last analysis has failed.
No analysis has been performed since creation. The only available section is the configuration.

Can you help here a little

Hi Megha,

This sounds like a whole new question. Would you start a new thread for it, please?