Subportfolio's are not visible anymore from portfolio's tab + unable to mark subportfolio as favorite


We’re in the process of upgrading from 8.3.1 (EE) to 8.9.1 (EE) LTS.

It seems there are some things that changed/broke compared between the two versions:

  1. The subportfolio’s are not visible anymore from the portfolio’s page (all)
  2. Was trying to circumvent it by making a subportfolio favorite, but that doesn’t work

It seems that only a root portfolio can become a favorite anymore. Not sure this is intended, but it feels like a step backwards.

The only way to accomplish is that instead of creating a nested hierachy with VW & SVW’s, we have to switch around to individual VW’s and local reference them in parent VW’s to achieve the same as in 8.3.1

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