Stored procedures not getting recognized

We using a Sonarqube Enterprise version 10.2 Version.

We have hosted our code in Azure repository and its a SQL code. Sonaruqbe is working fine but recently we added a stored procedure file in our code and Sonarqube is not recognizing the file. How to fix this sync issue.

We are able to see the other stored procedure file but not the newly added one. This is a .SQL extension file.

Note : When we were in 9.9 version Sonarqube we did not face this issue but in 10.2 we are facing this.


Hey there.

What do the analysis logs say about the file?

The analysis/scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command.

This guide will help you find them. I suggest turning on DEBUG logging.

Thanks for looking into this Colin. We checked the logs of Run Code Analysis task and we are only able to see three of the Stored procedures out of 4, one of them is missing.

I would suggest adding a task to your Azure DevOps pipeline right before the Run Code Analysis step (dir or dir *.sql) that prints the list of files.

And then run code analysis.

And upload the logs here! Redacted as neccessary.

I am able to see all 4 SQL files as part of the output we got when adding dir in pipeline.
E:\EducationData-SH-AgentB01_work\3\s\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\freshdesk\Stored Procedures\usp_insert_freshdesk_agents.sql
E:\EducationData-SH-AgentB01_work\3\s\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\freshdesk\Stored Procedures\usp_insert_freshdesk_contacts.sql
E:\EducationData-SH-AgentB01_work\3\s\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\freshdesk\Stored Procedures\usp_insert_freshdesk_groups.sql
E:\EducationData-SH-AgentB01_work\3\s\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\FADM_FAEducation_Landscape\freshdesk\Stored Procedures\usp_insert_freshdesk_tickets_stg.sql

Also just wanted to highlight we saw a warning in Sonarqube stating the below just wanted to share it with you if it helps

1)The Data Dictionary is not configured for the PLSQL analyzer, which prevents rule(s) S3641, S3921, S3618, S3651 from raising issues. See