Stop ignoring diff coverage for small changes

While I understand that ignoring overall coverage changes for small changes in a project is helpful to deal with rounding errors and the like, I don’t see how this can apply to diff coverage.

Would it be an idea to stop ignoring diff coverage requirements for small changes? Sometimes changing one line of code can break a lot of things in our software.


To be clear, you’re asking for a way to turn off what I call the “fudge factor” - the fact that the Quality Gate ignores conditions on Coverage and Duplicatios on New Code if there are fewer than 20 lines changed?


Yes, that would be very helpful!


I’ve moved this to Product Manager for a Day, since the functionality doesn’t exist on SonarCloud. And the full-time PMs should be along.


Hello @Samuel_Esposito ,

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve stored this internally as an insight and it will help prioritize this topic in the future.