Steps to configure SonalLint with VS Code (Apex Programming)

Is there any steps of the process to configure with VS code.

  1. Where to generate organization key?
  2. connectedMode.sonarQube token?
  3. connectedMode.sonarCloud token?
  4. what exactly is serverURL ?
  5. where can i find the error msg if something is wrong?
    when i try to activate i am getting below error

Command 'Activate' resulted in an error (Running the contributed command: 'SonarLint.ActivateRule' failed.)

If possible try to upload simple video, it might help lots of people like me.

Hello, welcome to the community!

First of all, are you trying to use connected mode with SonarCloud :sonarcloud: or with a SonarQube :sonarqube: server?

  • If you are connecting to SonarCloud, you don’t need to provide a serverUrl and the organization key is visible on your organization’s page on SonarCloud, e.g the key for the SonarSource organization is sonarsource:

  • If instead you are trying to connect to a SonarQube server, then you need to provide a serverUrl, which is the root URL for your server - e.g, - and you can ignore the organizationKey parameter.

  • In both cases, the security token should be generated from your user profile on the server, e.g for SonarCloud:

  • In any case and as described in the FAQ, you can refer to the SonarLint Output window for error messages.