How to connect Sonarlint in Visual Studio to SonarCloud

It is my understanding we can use the sonarlint plugin in visual studio and connect to sonarcloud. But how do I do this. I cannot find any information on this. The dialog shows three fields

  1. server url. Is that
  2. Username/Token I generated a token in SonarCloud, but what is the meaning of ‘/’?
    Do I enter only the token, or do I enter my username/token?
  3. Password. Is that the password for SonarCloud I use?

I did a lot of googling but cannot really find it. Thanks in advance.

  1. Correct, it is indeed
  2. You either enter a username and fill the password of that user in the Password box OR you enter the token ( in this box and leave the password box empty.

Horrible interface, I know.