Startup failing because of incompatible plugin

I was trying to upgrade our SQ from 8.4.2 to 8.5.
We are using the community edition on a docker host.
I first made sure all plugins were upgraded. Some of the plugins on the ‘Updates Only’ list cannot be upgraded, only having an Uninstall button.
Then I went to the docker host to pull the latest image and started the system again. The SQ application refused to startup, because of the scm-git plugin not being compatible.
What should I do? Uninstall it first?
What does that mean for the other plugins that cannot be upgraded? SonarCSS, SonarJS and C# are amongst them, and I don’t want to lose the ability to analyze the C# and JavaScript code.

Thanks for any help.

Jan van Veldhuizen


I just removed (backuped and moved away) any sonarqube managed plugins from the directory and they got installed with the upgrade path … I also think that this was previously handled nicer but in the end it worked.

Hi @Jan_van_Veldhuizen ,

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the git scm plugin is now embedded into sonarqube, as you can see from our release upgrade notes.
for the plugins you don’t have to worry about. if you are using sonar language packets, they are now embedded in the specific version as well.
I would go as @StevenStorm suggested and backup the extensions volume and start sonarqube with a new one. If you used custom plugins before you have to make sure that they are compatible but there was no change on that front in this release

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Tobias_Trabelsi,

The Jira item explains everything.
As I am also trying to automate the upgrade process I was pulling my hairs out because of the issues I had.
Obviously, it will be a lot easier to develop an upgrade script or playbook after I have upgraded to 8.5.

Pfew… :slight_smile:

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