Standard OWASP and CWE sonar rule for Android(Java) and iOS(swift) platforms

Do we have standard OWASP and CWE build-in rules which we can use as the base for Android and iOS platforms? Also, other related useful tips and information welcome.

Hello @deepforu47,

As of now our security offering is not targeting specific needs of mobile developments (Android or iOS). Still you can find your happiness by using the Java security rules or the Swift rules to detect other types of issues.


Thank you @Alexandre_Gigleux for the update! Do you know how we can export these rules and then import to sonarcloud /sonarqube?

Hi @deepforu47,

You don’t need to export and import the above rules. exhibits rules of SonarCloud/SonarQube.
For example, you can see the same rules on SonarCloud: