Licensing for Android, iOS analysis

Good Day, I wish to follow-up on this thread as my client is new to Sonarcube. I’d like to make sure I understand the correct licensing and or downloads for them. I have a need to analyze the quality of the code for their backend applications and I was going to recommend Sonarcube and associate that with their Azure DevOps environment. But they also have an Android and an IOS application that we’d like to also include in their analysis. Can someone please share which versions of Sonarcube we would need to acquire? It’s a bit unclear when I check the licensing page.

Thank You

Hello @cshort1964 ,

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The downloads page here will show a summary of the features of each version of SonarQube. Java and Kotlin are in Community Edition, but if you want to detect Injection Flaws and vulnerabilities of Java, then you need Developer Edition. Swift is available to be scanned in Developer Edition and higher.

In summary, it seems that you will need at least Developer Edition to scan Java/Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) applications.