Getting started for android & iOS projects


(Hugo Gresse) #1

Hi there,

Our team is working on android and ios app using java and swift.

What would be your recommendation to setup code analysis on this projects?
I’ve read that the trigger should be done on our CI ( but the rest of the documentation is VERY not straight forward :confused:

(Xavier Bourguignon) #2

Hi Hugo,

A good start is the SonarCloud documentation and specifically the “Analysis Source Code”

And depending where your source code is hosted, you will be interested in our integrations with Github, Bitbucket Cloud and VSTS.

Hope this helps

(Hugo Gresse) #3

Thanks Xavier,

I’ll take a look! So there is no specific part for iOS or Android?
Another subject: I’ll sugest to improve the SonarCloud dashboard in order to make adding a new project/code analaysis very easily. It is probably just a link to the documentation in the right place.

(Xavier Bourguignon) #4

The only specific part I can see is if you want to import coverage report: (it’s SonarQube oriented but still relevant for SonarCloud)

Did you try adding new project with our wizard ?