Splunk monitoring setup for Sonarqube

We are using Sonarqube Enterprise Edition v8.9
We have integrated it with Splunk to enable monitoring on the logs. I am looking for more information on the common error codes/messages of the application failures(ex: not being able to connect to database). This is to read the logs and highlight those failures/patterns in logs and alert the team further.
Can you please help me with any of the documentation around this.


Welcome to the community!

We don’t have documentation on this. It’s tempting to be a smart alec & say that we don’t document error patterns; we fix them. In reality though, once you get your server stood up (connected to the DB, & delegated authentication sorted out &etc) there generally aren’t problems keeping it running.

Where you may see errors is in the processing of analysis reports. Some of those will be reflected in the ce.log, but I’m not sure all of them are. They would be instead in the error logs for those individual Background tasks. And those logs aren’t available on the filesystem.