Sonarscanner logs | question


Sonarqube 9.4 developer Edition
SonarScanner 4.7

Can someone please explain to me what the following info during the analysis means.

  1. INFO: Cannot determine whether the context allows skipping unchanged files: canSkipUnchangedFiles not part of sonar-plugin-api. Not skipping. org.sonar.scanner.sensor.ModuleSensorContext.canSkipUnchangedFiles()

  2. Did not optimize analysis for any files, performed a full analysis for all 1 files.


Hi @markluebbehuesen

Just looking around I found this resource about skipping unchanged files for using Sonar analysis on Java projects.

It looks like with Java projects you can optimize analysis by running a limited ruleset on code that hasn’t been changed. I suppose on very large projects that could save you quite a lot of time!

It sounds to me that the first message is the server informing you that the flag is not set to a specific value. The second message then informing you that the server has decided that an unset flag denotes that all files should be fully analyzed, whether unchanged since the last analysis or not.

Disclaimer: I use Sonarscanner to analyze C# projects and have never encountered either of these messages.