Issue when running org.sonar.ce.task.projectanalysis.issue.IntegrateIssuesVisitor

For java, if turn on “” when scanning, the scanner will only scan the changed file this time to speed up the analyze, however, this will cause SonarQube to auto close all the issues for the unchanged files.

Below code in IntegrateIssuesVisitor will do is:

  private static List<DefaultIssue> closeIssues(Stream<DefaultIssue> issues) {
    return ->
    // TODO should replace flag "beingClosed" by express call to transition "automaticClose"
    // TODO manual issues -> was updater.setResolution(newIssue, Issue.RESOLUTION_REMOVED, changeContext);. Is it a problem ?

Please do not do this, as we want to speed up the analyze. I change the code to " issue.setBeingClosed(false)" temperately. Sonar scanner should detect the deleted source files, and only auto close issues for them.

Hey there. is an internal property used for testing. It should not be used by users and it is not published anywhere in the documentation.

Faster analysis of Java PRs was released during the SonarQube v9.x series (SonarQube v9.9 LTS published today!) and Faster analysis of branches (including main branches) is planned for the SonarQube v10.x series.

I use “sonarqube:9.6.1-community”, but the full scan on Java is still slow.