SonarScanner C++ failure

  • SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.7 (build 61563)
  • SonarScanner


SonarScanner fails to properly analyse the source code for a C++ project and generates a “” file. (It used to work flawlessly with version 9.6).

I have a license for the Developer Edition. Where can I send this bug report to a support team.
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Hello, @Etienne_Petitjean and welcome to the community!

Developer Edition license does not include support service. We offer commercial support by default starting from a 30M LOC license (normally Enterprise or Data Center). You can also purchase commercial support separately for your license.

We are happy to help you on a best-effort basis here on the community forum as you can see in other threads. Please, do share your bug report here: it might be helpful for us, for you, and for other community members.


Here is the report generated by sonarscanner.
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Etienne (983.5 KB)

It seems like I actually worked on a ticket this week, crashing for the same reason.
Luckily, I have a promising fix.

Stay tuned, and follow the CPP-3887 ticket for updates.

Until we fix the ticket, you can use sonar.exclusions to exclude the failing file and unblock the analysis.

excellent news.
thanks a lot