Sonarqube upgrade process

  1. Is it really required to delete the directory <Sonarqube_Home>/data/es7/* before proceeding with upgrade?

I don’t see this in the upgrade instructions – what are you referring to?

here Troubleshooting

I’ve tried to change version directly but I am seeing error related to index and nodes. So i’ve followed this steps in which resolves the problem.

Based on some other threads of yours, it seems you might be changing versions but not following the upgrade procedure (using an external database and pointing the new version to that external database).

If you are copying over the same data directory outside of an upgrade (which we wouldn’lt advise), yes, it will need to be cleared out.

In our case we are upgrading sonarqube version using imagestreams which we pulled from docherhub sonarqube image and we are usign community edition. For the database we are using postgresql as a database.