Sonarqube upgrade from 7.1

We are currently using sonarqube 7.1 version with mysql, and we are planing to upgrade it.
Now in what version shall we upgrade to as we are using mysql, do we have to move to 7.8 version that supports mysql or 7.9 TLS version.
Also if we should move to 7.9 then how we can restore our database (mysql).

Hi Bharat,

This is covered in our upgrade guide. It includes a link to a tool you can use to migrate your data from mysql to another supported database, after which you can perform the software upgrade to 7.9.

Thanks for quick response Jeff, Just one more thing we are currently using “openjdk version 1.8.0_181” so do we have to update that too. As we are using it for some stable application and we haven’t planed for java upgrade.

The 7.9 release does require JDK 11. You can continue to run the scanners using JDK 8 for the time being, but the server requires 11.