Sonarqube unavailable during offline deployment

  • sonarqube_10.1.0-community
  • Docker
  • deploye on Inside Network Server
  • Replace with different versions and servers

After deploying SonarQube on the internal server (unable to access the external network), I found that some interfaces did not respond, causing the Projects page to be blank. I replaced versions such as LTS, community10.0, and community8.4, and found that this issue still exists. As long as I access/API/components/search_ There was no response from the interfaces related to projects. I used the packet capturing tool and found that the requests for this interface disappeared after three handshakes. There are also some other interfaces that have this issue, such as those related to/API/settings/values.

I tried two servers, one with a firewall and the other without, both of which have this issue. And I found that there were no records of these two requests in the access. log, and I did not see any errors in the other logs.


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I don’t follow parts of your post, but if the requests didn’t make it to SonarQube’s access logs, then SonarQube simply didn’t receive them. You should probably talk to your network folks to find out what is blocking the requests before they can get to SonarQube.