SonarQube task failed - no error message

I am trying to downgrade from developer version to community version. Using 8.0 version. I reinstalled community version and reconnected to existing DB. Then analysis jobs started fail. It dones not give me any details. The background job details are as follows.

“task”: {
“id”: “AW5BgJb-zru4fYy48K2n”,
“type”: “REPORT”,
“componentId”: “AW1yuAHjXPWtKqiJ3QY8”,
“componentKey”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,
“componentName”: “XXXXXXXXXXXX”,
“componentQualifier”: “TRK”,
“status”: “FAILED”,
“submittedAt”: “2019-11-06T16:16:16+0000”,
“submitterLogin”: “admin”,
“startedAt”: “2019-11-06T16:16:17+0000”,
“executedAt”: “2019-11-06T16:17:04+0000”,
“executionTimeMs”: 46677,
“logs”: false,
“hasScannerContext”: true,
“organization”: “default-organization”,
“warningCount”: 0,
“warnings”: [




Welcome to the community!

Could you share your analysis command and analysis logs? Your report is a little light on details, so what follows contains a good deal of guessing:

I suspect that you’re still passing some branch-related parameters to the analysis. Normally that would fail-fast on the analysis side. However since a DE license key is presumably still present in your instance, analysis succeeds and then the background task fails with a license problem.