SonarQube Swift and Objective c Plugin issue


(Deepali) #1

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):
A) I am using community 7.4 version of sonarQube.

B) I want our swift and objective c code analysis by sonarQube

C) I have installed below software on my mac machine by command line tool :-1:

  1. JDK

  2. Sonar server setup

  3. Sonar scanner

4)XCPretty Installation

  1. Swiftlint

  2. Tailor

  3. Slathor

  4. Lizard

After installation when i add backelite-sonar-swift-plugin-0.4.2.jar this plugin in the sonarQube extention
SonarQube is stopped. localhost:9000 is not running anymore. Neither i get this plugin in our qualityProfiles. Same issue faced with Objective c Plugin. Please guide me what can i do to resolve this issue.

(Colin Mueller) #2


Sounds like these are non-SonarSource Swift/Obj-C plugins, so your best bet is to open an issue on their respective github repo (if applicable) to get help.