0 bugs, 0 duplicates, 0 code smells, 0 error reported in dashboard

SonarQube version - 8.9
sonar-swift plugin - backelite-sonar-swift -0.4.6

I have configured properties file, when I run sonar-scanner warning are shown only in terminal not in dashboard.

Done linting! Found 12 violations, 1 serious in 393 files.
Processing SwiftLint report sonar-reports/.-swiftlint.txt
Processing Tailor report sonar-reports/.-tailor.txt

.-swiftlint.txt ,lizard.xml and .-tailor.txt files are being generated.

And none of the bugs are reported in the dashboard, even though it is shown as warning in terminal.

Hi @Sowmiya .

This plugin you refer to is not authored nor maintained by SonarSource. You should contact their authors for support.

Swift analysis is supported in SonarQube Developer Edition and above, without the need of any plugin.

Best regards,