SonarQube servers

Hello Everyone

I have questions about SQ servers, I worked at a huge company that has multi servers, my question can we fetch the SQ server to our company? Or change some features on scanner services?
To solve some security issues.

Thank you

Hey there.

I’m sorry – your question isn’t very clear. Can you provide some more details about what you’re trying to achieve, and what security issues you’re facing?

thank you for your reply

So far we haven’t had any problem but our company refuses to connect to servers outside the company for security purposes so my question is can we move our company’s Sonarqube server as an extra feature or connect to our instant servers instead of sonarqube server when scanning.

I think what you’re asking is “we have SonarQube servers outside our company networks – how can we bring them in?”

You would need to dump the database and import it into a database server within your company’s network and then start a SonarQube server (also hosted within your company’s network) pointing to that database.