Clone sonarqube whole folder

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My team and I were using SonarQube 6.7.6. One member did upload the whole sonarqube folder on a repository for us to clone it and use it on our end. But unfortunately, we (members who clone it) cannot able to Start the sonarqube. It would stop automatically.
I would like to ask if can we clone the whole folder itself and use it in our end or not? Is there other way that we can use one server to our own server and access the customized rules one person created on his/her end?

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Greetings Phoebe,

A SonarQube server is not like a word document – it cannot just be uploaded somewhere else and used. A productionized SonarQube server will be hooked up to a database where all the information is stored – and have configuration (in the $SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/ file) that might not work on every machine.

Ideally, for a team or an organization, a single SonarQube instance will be configured that can be accessed by all.

This typically means hosting the SonarQube instance on a dedicated machine, with a port exposed so anybody who needs to can access it.

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