SonarQube server on Windows server 2012 or 2016

(Elavarasan Chidambaram) #1

We are planning to purchase SonarQube Developer edition. To setup Sonar web server on Windows, we are analysing whether we can setup on Window server 2012 or 2016. I understand that Java is the only prerequisite and it can run on any server edition. But I want to check which is better in-terms of performance and compatibility. Please advise. Thanks.
Note: We have chosen SQL server 2016 for Database.

(Colin Mueller) #2

To be honest, this isn’t something we have statistics about (or if we do, we don’t publish them). Both of these platforms should support SonarQube well, and the biggest indication of SonarQube performance will be raw specs (for a healthy, large instance we recommend 8 vCPUs and 16 GB of RAM) as noted in our Requirements Documentation, the read/write performance of the machine SonarQube is installed on, and database performance/connectivity. :slight_smile: No further preference when it comes to the OS.

(Elavarasan Chidambaram) #3

Hi @ColinHMueller
Ok. Thanks for the details :slight_smile: Appreciate it.