System requirements question

I have a question, in SonarSource documentation I have found hardware requirements, but I have not found operating system requirements, is there any minimum restriction or incompatibility with any operating system? Specifically we work with Windows Server and we are thinking of doing an update.


you’re right, the Sonarqube documentation doesn’t mention Windows server versions in the requirements.
We started in 2016 with Sonarqube Enterprise on a VM with Windows server 2012 and are now on a VM with Windows server 2019, combined with MSSQL and all fine.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Specifically, we are going to update to Windows Sever 2022, are there any known problems with this version?

Didn’t try it with Windows Server 2022 so far, but i think it will work without problems.
You could simply test it with Sonarqube Community and the builtin h2 database or if using Sonarqube Enterprise take one of your two test instances.

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