SonarQube Server Configuration

Hello Team!

I have installed SonarQube 7.1 Community Edition. is it possible to configure more than one SonarQube server in SonarQube 7.1 Community Edition?

From which version of SonarQube Community Edition supports more than one server?


Hello @SangeethaSivanesan11,

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SonarQube server architecture should follow this documentation:

Why do you want to set up more than one SonarQube Server? Do you have specific constraints or limitations in your company?

And following your post, I would recommend to first upgrade to either our last LTS (7.9.3) or the latest version (8.3) to be on a supported version and benefit from the last developments, features, rules etc.

Let us know what you would like to achieve and set up,


Hi @Carine_Bayon.

Thanks for your reply.

The main reason of having more than one SonarQube server is to avoid single point failure and which should not impact the other process.

We had installed and configured latest version of SonarQube (8.3). In Latest Version SonarQube 8.3.1 Community Edition (, Its expecting to configure “” property in file in both search and web node. What should be configured in “” property in cluster model?

We are facing below error while starting the server with “” property as either localhost or in search node,

“WrapperSimpleApp: Encountered an error running main: org.sonar.process.MessageException: Property must be a local non-loopback address:”