SonarQube sending results to Github failing intermittently

  • versions used - SonarQube-8.2-Developer docker image, sonar-scanner-cli-

  • error observed -

We have branch analysis, which sends the results from GitHub to SonarQube.

SonarqubeCodeAnalysis is the Github app that receives the response from SonarQube (the PR integration)

It seems like the first part is working, github is sending the requests to SonarQube (we can see activity in sonarqube that verifies this)

SonarQube sending the results back to Github is what seems to be broken. This seems to occur every so often. Have not able to find anything concrete in the logs.

  • steps to reproduce - Open a new PR

  • potential workaround - since we block merging if an analysis is pending. We have to have someone with admin privs merge the commit.

Hi, please search ce.log for error and post it there. You must have some sort of connectivity issue.

  • Looked through ce.log and im not finding any error or connectivity issues in the logs.
  • I looked at a specific branch that has a pending check
  • Looked at the delivery messages for that branch in github (sonarqube app). Delivery success
  • Found that same branch in ce.log and
2020.07.18 21:20:01 INFO  ce[AXNjzEdzgbWzS2yRnb9m][o.s.c.t.CeWorkerImpl] Executed task | project=xxxxxxx | type=REPORT | pullRequest=670 | id=AXNjzEdzgbWzS2yRnb9m | submitter=admin | status=SUCCESS | time=2421ms
  • SonarQube Code Analysis Expected — Waiting for status to be reported
  • Also is there any easy way to look at the sonarqube logs in the underlying system?
Pull request decoration did not happen. Commit 'xxjxkjfksdjfkjksdjf;akjdjs' not found in pull request 'xxxxx'
  • wanted to bump this up again. This issue kinda seems like this:
  • I have turned on debug level logs, looked at the github actions logs and still have not seen why this happens intermittently. Ruled out updates, GH actions minutes. 1 out of 5 PR seems to get this error.
  • unfortunately if we can’t solve this we will have to move to CodeQL from github.