Sonar Analysis on Github stopped working

SonarCloud Code Analisys in GitHub stoped and worked.
In SonarCloud we have info that pull request passed analisys. But in Github we don’t have any resonse from sonarcloud. Just Expected the status.

SonarCloud Code Analysis Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

How to solve this problem?


Welcome to the community!

Did the status ever get reported?

Can you share your organization and project?


Yes, last report we recieved 3 days ago.

Hi @ofedorchuk1

Thanks for providing the link to the project, I’ll investigate that issue and get back to you.
In the meantime could you please tell me which CI you are using?


Hi @ofedorchuk1

From our internal logs, it seems the SonarCloud application is not installed on the GitHub organization. Could you confirm if it is installed and post the installation ID here for further investigation?