SonarQube secure setup via Microsoft IIS with SSL

Trying to Use Azure Active Directoy but cant get SSL site
Says “this page can’t be displayed” after following steps in article.

Cant really find any good info on the issue.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Corey,

First of all you might wish to engage directly with the blog poster as this was issued by a 3rd-party, and I can see some discussions in the comments there. If you need some help on a specific error here then you will have to share much more information about your setup, the problem you’re facing, and the things you’ve tried so far.

Personal advice in terms of moving forward: you need to determine whether your issue relates to SonarQube config or to IIS configuration. Check if SonarQube can be reached directly, and if the problem seems more at IIS level then resources on the Microsoft front might help too.