HTTPS with IIS Documentation

We are attempting to get SonarQube 9.4, running on Windows/IIS, to require all connections to be HTTPS. Documentation references Configure SSL for SonarQube on Windows as the official documentation on getting this to work. Could this documentation be inspected to ensure that it is in fact up to date? The documentation is 6 years old. When we attempted to follow the directions, there is omitted information (the listed physical path inetpub\wwwroot_sonarqube doesn’t exist… do we create it? reference ‘sonarcube/web’ instead?) and incomplete steps (the last two lines read: “You may want to configure the original SonarQube instance to only accept traffic from your reverse proxy or only accept traffic from localhost through the Windows Firewall.”, and never bothers letting the user know how to even do this step)

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Hi @Kreaol, thanks for pointing this out. Are you still working on the issue?
I would like to learn more about what’s missing from our documentation so we can make an improvement.

The link you reference is from an external source (but I found where our docs point to the link):

What can you add to Jesse’s instructions? and I will start working on something more complete and up to date.

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