How to rewrite the http to https using windows server 2019 IIS manager

What are the instructions need to be followed to set up https for SonarQube instead of http using IIS manager? And how to rewrite the http to https using on-premises windows server 2019 IIS manager. Could you please help me on this?



Everything we have on this is in the docs.


Hi everyone,

this is not working for us on IIS 10. I’ve tried in a couple of ways, following your docs and linked blogs.

Sonarcube is responding on localhost:9000 a valid domain certificate is installed and selected for the IIS application. Rewrite-Rule seems to be correct from my point of view.

However, whenever I call https://hostname.domain/projects it’s looking for

This is my inbound rule configuration

Is there any windows user here who can help me with this most basic scenario?

Any help would be very much appreciated.