Sonarqube scanner not able to scan all the files and folders

I’m using Azure DevOps Sonarqube extension in the pipeline and sonarqube is not able to scan all the files & folders which are inside a directory.

Can you give an example and details about your configuration (how your Azure DevOps YAML is configured, logs from the analysis…)?

We have deployed Sonarqube in Azure App Service as Docker with Postgres SQL
We have a C#, .net application and the basic configuration details I’ve attached

Sure, attaching the files and screenshots. (43.0 KB) (23.2 KB)

Hey there.

You must Integrate with MSBuild if you’re analyzing a .NET project, rather than Use standalone scanner

No, but it is not a MS build as we are using Docker image to build the application.
I’ve tried with MS build as well sharing you the logs for that.

Please try to solve this as soon as possible
Let me know If you require any more details (36.1 KB)

Since your docker image runs dotnet build, you’ll need to integrate the scanner into your docker image. You can find documentation for running the Scanner for .NET here.