Issues uploading the SonarQube scanner extension on our DevOps server


As the title states, I am having issues uploading the SonarQube scanner extension 5.4 on a Windows Server 2019 Azure DevOps VM. I am not a developer but from what I have been told, SonarQube will be used to scan the developer’s code that sits on the DevOps server.

So far, Azure DevOps and SonarQube have been set up on separate servers. They are both correctly
configured. My problem is that I receive an upload error while adding the file extension in Azure DevOps.
"The extension package size ‘30616464 bytes’ exceeds the maximum package size ‘26214400 bytes’ "

An Internet search comes up with a few possible work arounds. One is to reduce the size of the extension. Another is to download the older and smaller version. The problem is that I am on a closed network and the older version is on a website that is blocked. Downloading it from home and adding it to the network is also not an option. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Our DBA was able to extend the max size of the uploaded extension. This issue has been resolved.

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