About the size of reports that can be uploaded from the Azure pipeline to SonarQube


We have a issue about the uploading size of reports from Azure pipeline to SonarQube.

Could someone please give me advice?

Our Env.
SonarQube 8.9 LTS(community edition),

We have been trying to upload the more then 100mb size of reports from Azure pipeline to SonarQube.
We can see logs in Azure pipeline that the reports with 100mb or over 100mb was uploaded successfully, but we can not confirm any updates in the project on SonarQube.
if we upload the reports with about 60mb from Azure pipeline to SonarQube and then we can confirm the result in project on SonarQube.

Best Regards,

Han, Changhwan.

Hi Changhwan,

Welcome to the community!

For the project with the 100Mb analysis report: when you check that project’s Background Tasks in SonarQube (Project Settings → Background Tasks), what do you see? Are there any errors?


Hi, Ann

Thank you for your advice.

For this issue, I didn’t check the background task.
Because I didn’t get the error message at the top of the project page in SonarQube in this case.
So, only I have checked background task when there is an error message at top of the project on SonarQube.
and also, after this issue occurred, I can continue to upload a report which is smaller than 60MB from “sonar-scanner” in Azure pipeline and I can confirm the result with no problem at the project on SonarQube.

Do I need to check the background task in this case also?

I would like to know the maximum size of report that can be uploaded to SonarQube one time.


I’m not aware of a maximum size. That’s one reason I’d like to know what’s going on in your background tasks. So yes, please check.