Azure extension only scanning a single folder, not giving any error message?

Hello, I am currently trying to run a project containing multiple folders through an Azure pipeline that includes the SonarQube extension and its tasks. When I do this, it is able to run through the pipeline cleanly without any error alerts, but when I check the output on my SonarQube server, it has only scanned one of the subfolders, leaving out large portions of the project.

  • SonarQube is version 8.0.29455
  • Azure extension is version 4.8.1
  • Scanner being used by the extension is SonarScanner for MSBuid 4.7.1
  • SonarQube server is currently using Ubuntu 18.04.3

Unfortunately since it is running without any errors, I cannot provide any error message. If there is any other information that might help, please let me know.


Can you please try to run again the analysis, in debug mode, and send us the Prepare Analysis Configuration task log as well as the Run Code Analysis (i can PM you if you don’t want to send the files here) So we can get more context.

Thank you !


If you could PM me I would appreciate that, I would prefer not to post the results publicly if that can be avoided. Once a solution is found I would be happy to post it here with the identifiable information removed!