SonarQube SAML Configuration

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    I’m trying to configure SonarQube programatically instead of having to go into the WebUI and set up a SAML provider for every instance we may run. I saw that folks have been able to do so through the file previously, but that was unintended behavior apparently…

Anyways, I don’t see a way to do this via the WS API – am I overlooking something? Surely the goal can’t be to manually set up providers every time?


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Have you checked the Web API link in the page footer? It gives you the on-board web service docs.

In general, the best thing to do when you’re in the situation of trying to figure out how to do something via web services rather than via the UI is to do it once via the UI and use your browser’s developer tools to see what services the UI uses.

From there you can check the docs on the services to explore the possibilities. And if you don’t see the services in question, they’re likely marked “internal”. Which doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Only that we reserve the right to change them from version to version without notice. AAND to be perfectly frank, it seems that “internal” for us is a bit like “beta” for Google. :joy: