Sonarqube - Rule Tags


(Samuel Pardo Mesias) #1

Greetings from Peru, I am currently doing research on software quality in which I am using the Sonarqube tags.

I’m using Sonarqube 7.2.1, so far I’ve only managed to have little information about the tags. I need to know first place the complete definition of them, as they are calculated to get a numerical result, in the documentation there is little information for that reason I appeal to you.

The information I need now is about these tags: I will be very grateful for your contribution, here in my country there is little information. If there is a source where I can consult please say so.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


This should help:

It’s not exhaustive. Off-hand I see that it doesn’t include two you’ve highlighted: obsolete and redundant. For those, you can use a pure English-language meaning of the words.


(Samuel Pardo Mesias) #3

Thank you very much for your response, here was the first place where I found information, but I would like more information about the rules that I showed, about redundant and obsolete too, if there is any other place or means as I can access to have information I will be grateful. My goal is to know how each of them influence the quality of the product or source code.

(G Ann Campbell) #4


I think you’re expecting more science than has actually gone into this. Tags are just a way to characterize what a rule (issue) is about. So for instance a ‘brain-overload’ issue indicates that the current code expects maintainers to hold too much in their heads at one time, whether that’s an overload of complexity or pure volume ("… too many lines").


(Samuel Pardo Mesias) #5


If I understand that I thought they handled a more detailed documentation of the rules that I mentioned, at least a complete description, although it is true there is published documentation but it would be good to describe and inform the rules in more detail.

Thank you very much.

Samuel Pardo.