Sonarqube report generation for jenkins email purpose


(Monali) #1

Unable to generate Sonarqube report in either csv, pdf, html or excel format for email through Jenkins. Please advise for sonarqube version 7.0

Must-share information:

  • SonarQube 7.0, SonarScanner 3.1.0
  • Generate Sonarqube report for email through Jenkins
  • I tried report issues and pdfreport plugin but it is not working from 7.0.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


That’s simply not available. What are you trying to accomplish?


(Monali) #3

I have integrated Sonarqube in Jenkins and need to send email at the end of job execution which includes Sonar scan report. But not finding anything specific for 7.0 version

(Gilbert Rebhan) #4

why not the other way around, means let the notification feature of Sonarqube https://sonarhost/account/notifications do the mailing ?

(Monali) #5

Will it always send email as I see the option of email trigger is only when there are new issues or anything new reported assigned.

My requirement is that I need Sonar report with every Jenkins build which includes Sonar scan call also?

(Gilbert Rebhan) #6

always when f.e. new issues or or new quality gate status.
Why bother people, when there are no new issues ?
Otherwise there’s for sure a way in Jenkins to create a mail with the link to the sonarqube project.
What kind of Jenkins job do you use ? Classic or pipeline ?

(Monali) #7

Right now it is maven job

(Gilbert Rebhan) #8

you may use the contents from Jenkins/workspace/yourjob/.sonar/report-task.txt and create a mail with f.e. the dashboardUrl.