SonarQube quality profiles with sub-profiles?

Is there a way to have quality profiles composed of multiple sub-profiles? The situation is we have quality profiles defined by one of our enablement teams, and our security teams are developing profiles which will contain only security-focused rules, and none of the non-security rules. It would be helpful for our workflow if we could independently maintain separate profiles for non-security and security rules then “publish” them under a single quality profile. Essentially being able to compose quality profiles from other quality profiles. Is this supported by SonarQube? We know that quality profiles can be extended, but this isn’t exactly what we’re looking for.

If composing quality profiles from other profiles is not supported, can anyone recommend alternative ways of achieving the same thing?


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Composition isn’t available. I think your best bet is a hierarchy where, for example, Security creates the base profile, and Enablement extends it.