Custom Quality Profile


Is there a way to create a Custom Quality Profile for Sonarqube. My requirement is that i have various different users for this plugin and based on their standards, some rules may not be applicable to them. So i want to have a way to create a Custom Quality Profile using the Plugin itself and activate the rules that are applicable to them.


Hello Anudit,

I think the use case is wrong. You should not hardcode all the profiles in your plugin.
You should build the plugin that:

  • Offer a certain number of rules
  • Defines a default built-in quality profile that suggests what minimum “no-brainer” rules should be used. It’s very rare to have a good use case to include more than 1 built-in profile in the plugin

Then for the rest you’ll configure additional profiles directly in SonarQube.

Let me know if that would work for you.