Is it possible to write my own rules for a quality profile on sonarcloud

I am the administrator to my sonar cloud account and recently i tried to copy the existing C# quality profile and add an additional rule but could not find and option to do so but only activate some rules which are not activated by default.

How do i add custom rules for sonarcloud based on our projects?

Hi @Jerry91

do you want to change the Quality Profile by adding existing rule in SonarCloud that wasn’t activated?
or would you like to add a custom rule designed by yourself?
The last option isn’t possible in SonarCloud, only in SonarQube.

In case you feel you’re missing a rule in SonarCloud, I would recommend to first post on this forum to ask for feedback/workaround/other votes so we can see if we should add the rule in SonarCloud or not.


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Hi Carine,

I wanted to add a custom rule designed by myself. Would have been nice if the option was available to SonarCloud as well. Anyways will go ahead by posting the rule and explanation on why it should be added as a new topic.