Quality Gates to enforce few C# rules not ALL


We are looking for a way to limit the amount of rules we would consider “blocking” to start. Our goal is to enforced fewer rules. Is there any way we can do this type of “Gate Quality” setup in SonarCloud.
We are using AzureDevOps services with sonarcloud.

Any help will be appreciated.



If you don’t want to enforce all C# rules provided by default thru the “Sonar Way” quality profile, then you need to create your own Quality Profile where you will activate only the rules you want to enforce.

Check the Quality Profiles documentation for more details about how to create your own Quality Profile.

Once it’s done, you need to associate this newly created Quality Profile with your project to only run these rules during your code scan. Once the association between a project and a quality profile has been done, for sure it’s stay associated between multiple scans.