SonarQube Quality Gate stuck on waiting status


I’m carrying out some SonarQube tests to implement in the company where I work, I’m running it in a container in an on-premises environment.

However, I was unable to make the quality gate work on my pull requests, which always remained in waiting status.

I’m using version, due to using the plugin to analyze Flutter, I can’t update to the latest version of SonarQube (10.4).
Using the AzureDevOps plugin in version 5.19.2
Searching here on the forum I found several reports, but none solved this problem.

PR Checks:

Pipeline Extension:

It’s as if SonarQube is unable to publish the result in my devops

I tried to allow other access, in addition to what is in the Sonar documentation, and generate a new token, but the same problem continues

How do I resolve this?

Hey there.

What edition of SonarQube are you using?

Hello, thanks for your attention.

As I’m still testing and studying the tool, I have the community version

Thanks. PR Analysis/Decoration is only available in Developer Edition and higher.