SoanrQube 10.0.0 - Azure DevOps quality gate in pull requests stuck in "waiting" state


We’ve recently updated to SonarQube 10.0.0-developer and noticed that our SonarQube quality gates in Pull Requests in Azure DevOps stopped receiving status updates (they are in ‘waiting’ state even though we can find it as passed in SonarQube and in extension tab of the build). The only thing that was changed on our side was the version of SonarQube, Azure DevOps and SonarQube extension are in latest versions. Refreshing tokens did not help. PAT has code read/write permissions and is not expired.


Azure DevOps - sprint-219-update (Latest)
SonarQube Plugin for Azure DevOps - 5.13.0 (Latest)
Sonarqube - sonarqube:10.0-developer (Latest docker image)

Hey there.

I think you’re probably facing the same issue as the user reported here (and mentions a workaround, explicitly setting information in the project-level ** Project Settings > General > DevOps Platform Integration**)

I’ve asked the relevant teams for feedback on that thread, so please follow along.