Azure DevOps SonarQube Quality Gate - Stuck in ‘Waiting’ for some repos


  • Which versions I am using: (SonarQube Version 10.3 (build 82913))
  • How is SonarQube deployed: on a Linux AWS EC2 instance
  • What am I trying to achieve: I am trying to achieve that all my PRs will have SonarQube Quality Gate check ran for all repos
  • what I have tried so far to achieve this: This issue started after we upgraded SonarQube to version 10.3 (build 82913). I renewed my Azure DevOps PAT recently, so it’s valid. For a repo, everything works as expected, but for other 2 repos, SonarQube Quality Gate is Stuck in ‘Waiting’.

Do you have any ideas about what could be the issue?

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Hi again,

So the link from below helped me to use a workaround (to get inside each project and go to → Project Settings > General Settings > DevOps Platform Integrations, and then add the information of my repository):

This explains why Quality Gate ran for a repo, it had configured integration with Azure DevOps at the project level. But when using the previous version (9.9) I didn’t have this issue, I shouldn’t configure integration with Azure DevOps at the project level.

So the new question is: could you please investigate why it doesn’t work in version 10.3 and fix it?

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Hey there.

This is related to a change in 10.0 that was a conscious choice. Take a look at this post:

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