SonarQube Pull Request integration with mono-repositories

Thank you team,

Will there be a new release of Sonarqube on-prem with this feature soon?

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We would be very happy to preview a version of sonarqube with this feature if it’s not yet ready to be released.

Hi @Tarig0 and @Rouke.Broersma.IS,

Thanks for your interest, this is planned for SonarQube this year and will update this thread when it’s ready, stay tuned :slight_smile:



As we have similar issue with 3 jobs in Azure Pipelines which analyze the Java and C++ part of one application I hope that the possibility to have to 2 Quality Gates in one PR is coming soon also to SonarQube on-prem. Is there already defined in which update this will be available? 8.5 maybe?

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Hi @milbrandt,

This is unlikely to be in SonarQube 8.5, but we do plan to support it for the coming LTS.


Sorry to read that. The topic is 2 years old. As it is now resolved in SonarCloud the paying customers of SonarQube should wait for the LTS next year. And SonarCloud is no alternative to use as we are using the community F# plugin.

Hi @Chris,
Is the next LTS you mentioned before 7.9.X or 8.X.X? We are working on a data center version 7.9.4 and also wants this feature.

Hi @Yuran_Ou,

I’m referring to the upcoming 8.x LTS.
We don’t add features to a released LTS since a LTS version is meant for users who look for stability.

But… It’s more like a bugfix than a new feature from our point of view. This breaks nothing in the workflow for existing users…

Also the next LTS given your timeframe is not until like half a year from now.

Also new features have been released in non-LTS versions. Why can this feature not be released for non-LTS 8.5/8.6 etc? We have been waiting for so long!

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Hi @Rouke.Broersma.IS

Supporting it for the coming LTS means that we do expect to release it in an intermediary 8.x version. The last version generally consists only in hardening.

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Ah that was unclear :slight_smile: That is better news!


any news on this being released in 8.x? The non-LTS version I mean


Hi @Jack,

This is still in our plans. This should come in a future 8.x version.

Hi folks,
Just to let you know that this feature (for SonarQube) is now in our scope for the next 8.7 version. We are already working on it.
Stay tuned :wink:



I just noticed this new line is added to the user story:

  • I expect to have clear indication that monorepo is supported at some point for EE+ only.

Are we talking about use case 1 and use case 2 or only use case 2 for EE+?

I must say pushing these ‘features’ to EE is very disappointing. Mono repo’s are not an enterprise feature. Pushing this to EE will only alienate your users further as when they try out pull request decoration on DE they will immediately notice that something is not working correctly. To then see that for the feature to work correctly you’ll need to jump to a 1000x (literally) more expensive license will be a reason not to use sonarqube imo.


I want to support @Rouke.Broersma.IS opinion. It is a requirement for PR decoration, therefore we need it in DE or CE.

In our case we have C++ and Java part which are build in parallel jobs. The quality gate in PR is currently not blocking reliably (50%, depends which job finishes later). This is a severe downside of SonarQube.

Hey @Chris,

any update on the above question? We also would require this in DE not EE

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Hi everyone,

We’re adding the support for monorepo with SonarQube 8.7 (release imminent) in Enterprise Edition.
And, to answer the question above, this will benefit to the 2 use-cases mentioned in the ticket.

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@Chris so you are confirming that this will not be available in developer edition?

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